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18th October 2014

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18th October 2014

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110213 by *Maren* on Flickr.


110213 by *Maren* on Flickr.

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18th October 2014

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By Instinct Film


By Instinct Film

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18th October 2014

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Listen, kid.
Science tells us that
the entire world gravitates
toward chaos,
that every atom
holding our fragile lives together
is falling apart.
Those 2 A.M. nights
when the salt water
in your lungs burned
and you couldn’t see a way out-
falling apart.
The boy who stabbed you with smiles-
falling apart.
Your brave sister,
your hopeless father,
your beautiful mother-
falling apart.

So, what’s the point, kid?
If we’re all marching toward an impending doom,
what’s the fucking point?
Science doesn’t tell us what to do
before the chaos we’re all hurtling toward.
And kid, that’s because science is full of shit.
Science only tells us the outcome,
not the desperately important in-between bits-
the ugly and terrible and painful,
the magnificent and lovely and magical
bits that sew up a life.

So, kid, you’ve got to live,
and not just that stoic existence you’ve
been stomping through all this time.
You’ve got to be kind,
you’ve got to fall in love,
fall out of love,
no matter how much it hurts
because my god,
it’s worth it.
Don’t let the world turn you to stone;
you’ve got to feel.
And sometimes,
your heart will threaten
to march right out of your chest
because you’re so fucking full of it all-
of the people,
the places,
the endless days,
the eternal nights-
and kid, that’s fine.

Be brave.
Courage isn’t measured by the
number of people you’ve turned away
or by the counts of the nights you’ve
spent alone because you refuse to
give someone the chance to love you.
Being alone is not poetic;
you’ve got to let them in.
Let them peel back your skin
and waltz into your bloodstream
and love them,
love them,
love them.

And finally, kid,
your life has already begun.
Stop waiting.
Chaos is already underway.

— Emily Palermo, A Lesson in Entropy (via starredsoul)

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18th October 2014

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18th October 2014

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God help the Outcasts
Children of God.

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18th October 2014

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tell me about the time when the Earth
was softer, when the roundness didn’t
cut people open and leave them
bleeding into the cracks of
their bathroom tiles.
tell me the names of all the
fallen angels because
I think I met one the other day.
He’s sleeping next to me now. There are wings
scratched down either side of my spine.
I think he wants them back. He
still dreams of flying.
do you think you can do something
about the lonely souls?
There’s a lot of us.
And what about the hurt? Or
is this all part of something bigger,
a lesson to be learnt?
it’s me,
are you there?
— A.Y // a midnight conversation  (via 2wentysixletters)

18th October 2014

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I witnessed a birth. Conclusion: Vaginas are awesome! →


Wednesday was a vagtastic day! It was a day that started with me witnessing my sister push life into this world through her vagina, and ended with Ashton Kutcher posting an article on facebook in which I’m heavily quoted, about vaginas, of course. Pretty rad day for a sexologist! Vagina, vagina,…

18th October 2014

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someone told me once that “blink blink” is cat for “I love you”

I’m sure this is total bullshit but i choose to believe it.

cats are hardcore man. instead of going, “i love you,” or whatever, they’re just like, “YOU ARE NEITHER MY ENEMY NOR MY PREY AND I THUS ALLOW YOU TO BE IN MY UNGUARDED PRESENCE.”

Also, this is why cats will apparently unerringly home in on the person in the room who is afraid of cats.

Humans who are afraid of something tend to blink slowly and look away. Cats read that as “He wants to be my friend.”

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17th October 2014

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You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone — profusely. But don’t apologize for being who you are.

— danielle laporte   (via rotteningenue)

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